here are 5 brief facts you need to know about instagram content:

1. Your posts describe the purpose for your business. You need to post quality content, that includes tips & free resources for them to apply to their endeavors.

2. When you invite people to your platform, you want them to have a summary of your business. Seeing multiple posts on one feed is aesthetically pleasing too, so make sure you are organized & consistent.

3. As a business owner, you have to make sure that your business ventures are getting done behind the scenes. You want content that will occupy the tasks you want to fulfill on your social media platforms to keep your presence active.

4. Your content can MAKE or BREAK your engagement rates. This goes back to providing quality content that is valuable for your audience. Regarding your engagement rates, you want to see what does well & what doesn’t do well. This is important for the amount of exposure your posts get, which leads people to your platform.

5. When making content, they should be discovered through different hashtags. This varies by [your] industry + niche. That’s one of the most noticeable ways to get your content out there!

Why Content + Highlights are effective for your platform...

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