My name is Amani, and I am the CEO of Designs By Mani. I am a graphic designer, and content creator, who offers graphic design services and instagram content services to those who want to level up their brands. I understand the frustration of being neglected, or having miscommunication with your graphic designer. My services are convenient for those who are seeking a great experience with high quality graphics, a fast process, and thorough communication to gather an understanding of what you're seeking for the longevity of your brand.

I am from Brooklyn, NY. I am an only child of my household, and a dog parent. My love for art and design started at a young age (about 6). My aunt (RIP) who recognized my artistic abilities at a young age took me to art classes within a period of time. That’s when I eventually took off, and grew a closer relationship with art.


Unlike other subjects you would be obligated to learn about in school, art was an opportunity that I enjoyed the most. It resonated with me more than any subject I’ve ever taken, it grew personal for me at this point. I’ve explored a variety of art and design hobbies: making, painting, drawing, and digital work of course!


In my middle school years, is when I grew into doing digital work. All of that ranges from: playing with photo editing softwares (such as Photobucket and PicMonkey), editing videos with Windows Movie Maker, attempting to do fashion pieces on Stardoll, editing videos with Sony Vegas, getting into editing with Photoshop, being on Tumblr for fandom purposes and wanting to remake edits I adored, being on Instagram to make fandom edits which grew into a professional route, and eventually getting to the stage of doing digital work, and crafting it together for any items I want to gift to my favorite known people. I dibbled and dabbled in almost everything based on trends.


By 2017, this is when I entered my college stage, and decided to pursue graphic design. I also gave birth to Designs By Mani. In 2018, is when magic slowly started to happen. In June, I attended Jussie Smollett’s “Sum Of My Music” tour, and ended up giving him my gift. It’s a bag that’s crafted by me, and inspired by his aesthetic for his EP “Sum Of My Music”. Inside of it, was artwork I digitally created for him. In December, I got to meet my favorite boy band Next Town Down for the second time and created a bag that had some goodies in it I made. It included: a phone case for my fave, a poster for my fave, a hoodie for my second fave, and of course individual art pieces for all the members of the group. I've had the opportunity to do a logo for my uncle, who has a funeral business.


In 2019, that’s when I left school and pursued Designs By Mani full time. It was a tough decision, but I’m thankful for that risk because it’s exposed me to way more than I learned in school. In September, I got the opportunity to meet B5 and acknowledged my video edit I did for their music video “Wave”. In October, I did a motion edit for Next Town Down’s “Easy”. In December, I did another motion edit for Next Town Down’s “Juliet”. This year in June [I believe], I was blessed with the opportunity to send my Nipsey Hussle artwork to Samantha Smith (his sister).

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Refund Policy

No refunds will be made once we proceed on the digital products, unless any physical damage has taken place regarding prints.

The process

  1. You fill out a form so I can determine whether or not you are fit to work with me.

  2. Once you get confirmation from me, we get on a call and discuss your branding goals to help you last long term.

  3. I create a monthly package plan for you, so we can steadily and consistently enhance your brand to where it needs to be.


What you will need to work with me

  1. A vision

  2. An ambitious attitude

  3. Your dedication to be consistent

Turnaround Times

1-10 days. (weekends + holidays not included)

Rush Hours

1-5 days. (weekends + holidays not included)

What is the difference between the $99 content package, and the $225 content package?

  • The $99 content package offers 15-25 content pieces that you submit ideas for.

  • The $225 content package includes 15-25 posts, up to 5 groups of recommended hashtags, and I schedule the posts for you based on your engagement insights.


What if I don’t have images ready for a website service I purchased?What if I don’t have images ready for a website service I purchased?

Stock photos will be provided for your needs.

What web platforms do you work with?

I currently offer Shopify, and Wix.

I don’t have clarity over my color scheme, what should I do?

You should set up a consultation call, so we can go over possible improvements.

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